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Chemical wash is a liquid substance used for cleaning any kind of mud, paraffin deposits on A.C, cars, several other assets that are daily in use. These chemicals are in the form of liquid and are very effective in cleaning and removing of stains. To explore more about Aircon chemical wash, one need to know that Aircon chemical wash is for cleaning air conditioners at home or in office premises and several other places. The need of Aircon chemical wash arises when the general cleaning of the air conditioner does not make any impact. Aircon provides air conditioner cleaning process in Singapore.

The entire cleaning process

The cleaning process takes time; it starts with removing the fan coil of the air conditioner followed by the electronic unit and then the drainage device. The chemical must be applied to all the units that have been removed from the air conditioner followed by cleaning the entire set. The drainage device must be thoroughly flushed out using chemicals; this is to ensure that any kind of deposits are washed away. The process is then followed by charging the refrigerant of the air conditioner as per the standard procedure. One need to check the thermostats of the air conditioner and also the commission system of the air conditioner is to be thoroughly verified.


The major benefits of cleaning the air conditioner using the Aircon chemical wash is that it helps in checking the water leakage problem that arises in the air conditioner. It also helps in cooling and saving the electrical consumption required by the air conditioner. The total maintenance cost for the air conditioner can be reduced to a very large extent. The life span of the equipments prolongs due to the chemical wash.

The Aircon chemical wash facility can be availed by booking their service in advance. The service provided uses the system of steam washing of the fan coil; steam washing is basically a European technology that eliminates any kind of harmful bacteria, harmful germs and other kinds of hard deposits inside the air conditioner. Aircon technicians are well trained and efficient enough to do their jobs correctly. Having a track record of twenty years explore more about aircon servicing have come a long way providing services for residential and work spaces. Quotations and contracts are also available for the services provided  of explore more about water seepage Singapore . Well trained supervisors of Aircon help the business going.